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    Looks like my 600 needs to be fixed and its not under warranty. Has anyone had good experiences with 3rd party repair?
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    what is wrong with your phone?
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    Charging light won't come on when plugged into charger. Have tried two chargers, so it must be the phone.
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    Does the phone charge??
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    No, that's the real problem. The lack of charging LED and icon are additional symptoms.
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    I searched for a repair place when I dropped my treo and broke the screen and found CPR ( They did good work at what I guess is a reasonable price. My only complaint is that they ordered a part to fix a bright spot on the display and have told me it is on back order, but I have been waiting a while. However, they got the treo working in ~15 minutes.

    Coincidentally they are across the street from my office, but I never noticed the building so I went in and waited on it. I don't know what the turn around time is for shipped orders, but I remember reading some positive testimonials either on their site or on the boards.
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    With the cost of repair, why not just get a new phone??
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    hhmm i might send in my phone to CPR. it wont charge. power on at all. it happend all of a sudden so i dont know whats wrong with it.

    how is CPR's turn around time? how do i get a quote?

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