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    Has anyone found a way to activate the 650's voice dialer from the Supertooth II?
    Mark Bergman
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    The 650 doesn't have a native voice dialer. It does have a 14 day trial offer from VoiceSignal. IS that what we talking about or one of their competitors such as VoiceDialIt ?

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $is$ $no$ $way$ $to$ $initiate$ $Voice$ $Signal$'$s$ $VoiceDial$ $1$.$x$ / $VSuite$ $2$.$x$ $via$ $BT$. $For$ $those$ $using$ $a$ $charging$ $cradle$, $the$ $most$ $convenient$ $way$ $I$ $can$ $think$ $of$ $to$ $initiate$ $a$ $call$ $is$ $to$ $use$ $the$ $side$ $button$ $a$ $ya$ $Treo$.... $after$ $all$, $the$ $Treo$ $gonna$ $be$ $a$ $lot$ $closer$ $than$ $ya$ $sun$ $visor$ $or$ $BT$ $earpiece$.

    Of course if you have it in a holster (not recommended, especially with bucket seats) this is less convenient.

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