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    I just received this new Cingular Treo650 yesterday, the first sync was fine, but the second time I try to sync, Hotsync stuck at 'Identifying User' on PC and 'Synchronizing Conduit Turnkey' on Palm. After I do a hard reset on Treo, reinstall Palm Desketop suite, delete everything under PalmOne folder, and reinstall Palm Desktop suite, I get another complete sync, Hotsync get stuck at the same place again thereafter. Any idea what's wrong? Oh, the host pc is an IBM T42p running WinXP Pro SP2.
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    I have the same problem, though it just started occurring with my Treo after a year of problem-free syncs. I'll be interested if anyone has a solution to this.
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    it turns out that the problem with mine is a program called Credant Mobile Guardian that was installed automatically on my company laptop which I use to sync with my treo, not sure if yours is the same issue.
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    Here I am in 2008 with the same issue. Did you ever managed to solve this?
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    I believe there may be a correlation between the 'identifying user' problem and low free space on the Palm device. Before I upgraded to the Treo 680 (which has twice the memory of the 650) I would often move a largish app to my SD card when I had this problem, and move it back afterwards, or otherwise try to free up at least 3 MB on the device. One can move apps using FileZ, though it can be confusing locating the right destination. (Any destination is probably OK if the move is temporary.)
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    Thanks very much to Nico - I was also getting stuck at identifying user, and indeed freeing up some memory on the Treo 650 did allow the Hotsync to work.

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