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    Hey all,
    Just wondering if anyone out there with an unlocked Cingular 650 has put the newest fw/sw (1.71 & 1.20row I think...) on their phone? I just unlocked my treo and customized my rom but my BT is still really crappy (hangs my phone when I turn on BT in my Acura TL w/ handsfreelink) and Agendus 10.07 seems to be giving me problems (but that's for another thread). I just want to know if the BT is any better or if there's any reason for me to try this? Any help would be great!
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    We have 4 of them in the office that we have setup that way.
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    I have that setup on my unlocked cingular 650....

    As far as the BT performance I've traded in 2 phones for warrenty issues and all acted different. The phone I had just before this one was terrible, very staticy and didn't hold connection etc. With this new phone and same exact setup I get great reception and functions. I think the treos are just inconsistant....
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    I have that setup, I've never noticed any problems with the BT other than it being a lousy implementation in general. Never had any crashes with either the CNG or ENA firmware
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