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    hi I already have tomtom navigator 5 which I baught for my laptop. I am looking for a gps receiver and cradle kit for the Treo 650 GSM phone. I rather not have with bluetooth since I work a lot on the road and I am on the phone often, my priority is to have my BT headset always working. This is why I rather have the non BT set. Besides portability is there any advantages to the BT models?
    I am hesitating between two models:
    the Arkon CM700 with i.Trek S3 Mouse GPS
    and the Haicom Hi-701 found here

    I seem to prefer the Hi-701 since it looks easier to cradle the 650 without plugging things in, just sits on top of the base connector but doesn't seem as popular.
    Any other models I should be looking at?
    Will I miss something without BT besides portability?
    Will the wired ones work with my BT headset and my treo 650 GSM phone? I understand that either BT or not when I am on the phone TomTom will not be displayed but I can go back to it when the call is over.
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    Seidio also has a couple models with built in GPS.
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    Somewhat off topic, however what do you think of the tomtom navigator 5? I currently have the Delorme Street Atlas Handheld and find it very hard to work with and not 100% accurate. I am thinking of getting the Tomtom however don't want to spend money until I hear form those using it that it is worth buying.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    Issues with Delorme include -

    1. very slow to create a route on the fly. Takes 5-20 minutes to calculate
    2. I have to request a reroute when I make a mistake
    3. voice commands are not given in advance so I often find out I should take an exit as I am passing it.
    4. maps are not very up to date.
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    Get the Seido 2350S, it works great and doesn't have any cables to plug in, just pop in your Treo. It has the newest chipset and connects very quickly. I have had it for over 2 months and love it. It may be a little more expensive than the others you are looking at, but it looks 100 times better and is extremely easy to hook up. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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