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    I have Vonage for my office line. One of the options is to have your calls simultaniously ring on multiple phones at the same time. If I'm at my desk, I pick up my regular phone. Anytime I'm away from my desk I just answer my Treo. Of course, you can't make outgoing calls on your Treo to the Vonage account. But, I have plenty of minutes on my Cingular account. Hope that helps.

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    It's just like the 'personalized' ring on your home phone. You have 2 (I actually 3 at one point) different phone numbers....and depending on which number is being called...the phone would ring differently so you'd know if it was business...personal...(I even had a fax ring set up). That was with SBC...who owns Cingular....hmmmm......

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    OK, so I see the need for some two have 2 numbers on 1 device.
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