Within the last two weeks, I've recently upgraded to ChatterEmail+ and Chatopus 2.0. In the past, I've always left these programs running overnight and read my IMs and emails in the morning. Now, I've begun to have some issues. To wit, when I have an overnight reminder, it causes a reset when I close the reminder dialog box. Also, Chatopus occasionally goes offline and will not allow a reconnect, necessitating a reset.

These would be minor annoyances, except that when I reset, I get the "Gray Screen of Death (GSOD)" - PalmOne's logo followed by a blank gray screen. Nothing more. If I do a soft reset, I am stuck in the GSOD loop. A warm reset results in a functioning PDA, but no phone or GPRS capabilities. If I reset from that state, I go back to the GSOD. My only solution has been to restore from backup, which means that I am constantly backing up to the SD card. I have restored on average once every other day recently.

So... has anyone else seen this behavior with the 650? Does anyone know which files are being corrupted, and how I can mitigate this behavior? I rely on my Treo for many things, and I really need to pinpoint what is causing this.