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    Well i was having trouble with a weird noise at the time of connection on the callers end when using my 650 w/ cingular and after my replacement phone did the same thing the cingular service guy thought it might be the software. The last time i restored my treo from a hard reset it installed every single program that i have ever installed on my treo. My question is how do i sync all of my contacts and everything but select only certain applications to install. I need to narrow down which app is causing it but i dont see any place in palm desktop that tells me what programs will be synced after a hard reset. Any help would be appreciated. thanks a lot

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    Everything in the \Program files\Palmone\<your hotsync id>\Backup is synced back.

    Move files out of that directory if you don't want them back on your Treo on the next Hotsync.
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    Rename your backup directory on your PC (Program Files/palmone/hotsync-name/Backup), create a new directory called Backup and copy the apps and related pdb files you want to restore into it. Then hotsync
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    The above methods should have you 99.9 % there.....may wind up with a pref file somewhere you don't want. If you want to make sure you get everything ya can adapt the method in post 3 here:

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