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    Hey guys. I have a 650 but no SD card. I want to load a piece of a song into RAM to be used as a ringtone, and can't seem to get this done. I have tried just putting the wav file onto the phone and while the sounds app sees the file, it won't play it. I have seen instructions that say you need to convert to midi, but I haven't found a decent converter that doesn't sound like some crazy keyboard on acid when I finish the conversion. I've looked at several of the mp3 ringtone apps but because I don't have an SD card they won't convert. What I think I need is a conversion program to convert mp3 to pdb. Anybody got any ideas?


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    Sorry, I have no clue but am hoping someone does.
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    Sounds like something in your conversion to wav. I have NUMEROUS wav ringtones that came from mp3s. Each about 15-20 secs a piece. I store a bunch on my SD and then switch them around to RAM when I want a change of pace.
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    You can use CDex ( can google it) to convert your MP3 to a WAV file. From there, open the WAV file with the crappy little SNDREC32.EXE (Sound Recorder) included with every version of Windows since 95(?), and snip out the little piece you want to use for a ring tone....make sure it's SMALL. Not sure how to load it without an SD card.....perhaps you can do it via IR or BT transfer to the phone. I normally place it in a folder on the SD card and open it via Blazer (you can find instructions on this if you do a search on this board), then it gets stored in the ringtone DB inside the main memory.
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    try softick ramdrive... itll turn part of your internal ram into a virtual sd/mmc card
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    If I understand your issue correctly try this:
    email the wav to yourself from your PC and retrieve the email on your handset. When you open the email on the handset you will see the attachment with an envelope icon next to it. Tap on the icon and you will be prompted to open the attachment with one of your sound producing apps. Choose the native Sounds app and select save. It should convert and save wav to native sounds list as a playable tone (look in Manage Sounds).
    I learned this trick when my SD card was confiscated by #2 son, and still wanted some ringtones to use with my contacts.
    For more info, try this (which is how I learned this good trick):

    Hope this helps.

    note: this assumes you have a data access plan to get email
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    This thread explains how to do it. Worked like a charm.

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