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    So, what are the options for push email on GSM? Mailstreet does not support IMAP, so Chatter is out, (I think). BBC for some reason hates me, and will not provision. Anyone else have any ideas? I am on T-Mobile. I am hoping that when BBC is released on Cingular, it will play petter with my particular Treo.
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    It can be a pain, but you could switch to an exchange host that has IMAP access. 1and1 does and they are only 6.99/mo for a 1gb account.

    You might also check out the OWA plugin for chatter. I can't remember if it does push or not.

    You could also setup rules on your exchange account to forward a copy of email to an IMAP account and setup chatter for the imap account.
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    Chatter's EX plugin does push, but just with Sprint/Verizon right now. I am optimistic that Cingular will be on board before long...

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    MailStreet does support imap. Just use as the server name for both imap and smtp. I've been using chatter with mailstreet on my 650 for about a year with no problems. The only issue is that I can't get ssl to work for smtp. It works fine for incoming, but not for outgoing mail. Not sure why. If you don't mind that, push and everything else works perfectly fine. (They might have also fixed the ssl problem since I last checked. Honestly, I haven't messed in it in quite some time.)

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    What are you using for username and PW?
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    I use the full email address as the username, and the password is your regular exchange password. Works fine.

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