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    My 14 month old SprintPCS Treo 650, on constantly 24/7 for fourteen months started going nuts a week ago. Spontaneous resets, but NEVER while on a call, never when using Blazer, never when using Audible player or mp3 players or anything else. After I finished whatever I was doing and put it back in its cradle, or set it on the sofa, or put it in my pocket, or on the car seat, within minutes it would spontaneously reset itself. Sometimes once an hour. Sometimes once every five minutes. I tried three different batteries which made no difference.

    The Treo 650 of the SprintPCS flavor will tell you what program caused the last reset if, after it reboots, you punch ##377 into the dial pad and hit dial. Mine was telling me that whatever program was on the screen when it reset was the one that caused the crash. No matter what it was. If the calculator was on the screen and it reset, then calculator caused the crash. Or phone. Or Blazer. Or contacts. Whatever was on the screen is what caused the reset, it told me. Bizarre.

    Okay, so what was the solution, I pondered. Read 2304928039481 forum postings. "Do a hard reset. Upgrade to the latest ROMs. Put your programs back on one at a time and wait to see if one of them causes it to reset. Blah blah etc. etc." Two weeks of futzing around minimum. Hey, I have things to do.

    So I said to myself screw that, and I called up Sprint. My Treo 650 is having internal electronic problems. I want it replaced under my $5.00 amonth replacement plan. Sure, Sir, just call LockLine at 1-800-bite-me and they'll take care of you.

    Called LockLine. "Your replacement insurance only covers loss, theft, breakage or water damage. You'll have to take it to a SprintPCS store and have them order a replacement."


    I knew this was wrong but they wouldn't listen. No amount of talking would convince them it was covered. At this point, I had to restrain my urge to reach through the phone and strangle someone. Insurance companies. Find a way to wiggle out of it, even if it means lying to a customer and they'll find it.

    I called back Sprint. Got to a supervisor. Told them what LockLine said. She said nope, they're full of it. I have the policy details right in front of me and it specifically covers electronic or mechanical failures.

    Fine, I retorted. Please get LockLine on a three way call with us and YOU tell them to send me a replacement. They won't listen to me.

    She puts me on hold, a minute later I'm talking to a LockLine supervisor who is apologizing all over the place and asking me for my address. Says he'll waive the $50.00 deductible for the hassle I had to go through. Do I want it by UPS ground for free or do I want to pay $15.00 for overnight? I opt for overnight. I need a functioning 650. I don't have the time or desire to screw around with this.

    Next day there's Mister Brown Shirt handing me the package. I tear into it. Treo 650 in a white box in a plastic bag. It has the new Sprint / Nextel logo on the front. Battery in a separate baggie. Prepaid UPS return padded thing to send back the old phone. Couple sheets of paper instructions on how to activate the new phone (the instructions were, of course, wrong.. you can't activate a new phone FROM that phone like it said, you have to call on a landline or other cell phone number..) .. I laughed. I put in the battery and watched it boot up. Hmm.. new black and yellow Sprint / Nextel screen,not the old red and white SprintPCS screen. New ROMs? Checked info in the phone menu. Yup, ROM revision 1.13a. The latest one. Woo hoo!..

    Called SprintPCS from my home phone, activated it with my number. It was working within a minute.

    This is where my stomach started to tie in knots. What if the old phone was resetting from some software I had loaded on it? If I put all that software on the new one, will the resets ride along with them? I had two choices - restore everything and hope for the best or start installing and beaming over each thing one at a time, sit around and wait to see if the new one reset itself. Screw it, I'll do a full restore from my BackupBuddyVFS card. If the new one starts resetting itself, I'll do a hard reset and start installing things one at a time, something I was not looking forward to doing.

    Shoved in the card, told BBVFS to do a restore. It did its thing, even bringing over the owner name, ALL the registration / unlock codes from my commercial apps, all my contacts, Blazer bookmarks, everything but my camera photos (BB does not back up photos for some reason Blue Nomad explained to me which I forget what it was).. no big deal, I just beamed the photos over from the old 650.

    I now had almost 9mb free on the new phone vs. about four mb free on the old one with all the same software installed.

    I put it in the cradle to let it charge up to 100% and keep an eye on it to see if the spontaenous resets migrated over to it. An hour. A day. Two days. Used it a lot, no resets. Nothing. Worked perfectly. Still is.

    I'll do a hard reset on the old one before I put it in the box to send it back but see if it does spontenous resets with NO third party software on it after a hard reset, because I'm curious. What could have happened to it? Was its ROM corrupted? Was there an internal electronic failure or short somewhere? Voltage problems? Who knows. At this point, I don't really care since I have a new one with the latest ROMs, more free memory, and it's working perfectly {{knock wood}}..

    So there you go, for whatever it's worth. As far as I'm concerned, that $5.00 a month Insurance on my plan is worth every cent. But if this happens to you and LockLine tells you you're not covered for electronic or mechanical failures, it's baloney.

    Do NOT send email to harv at treocentral dot com - it will never reach me.. forwarding from that address to my real address was hijacked in early 2008, and I can't fix it.. send me a private message instead or email me directly at my RR address..
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    I would have to guess electronics, perhaps ram.. Why it suddenly happened... Who knows, maybe a cold solder.

    Glad to hear it's working now.
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    If Palm ever moves to a release cycle greater than two years I might regret not having insurance. Right now I am quite happy with the 2 year warranty.....

    Okay, ya wondering what the heck I am talking about's only a 1 year warranty.

    But if ya buy it with AMEX your warranty is doubled so it's 1 year from Palm and 1 year from Amex no at no cost.
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    Followup: in preparation to send my 14 month old original Treo 650 back to SprintPCS I did a hard reset on it an hour ago. I let it sit with its battery charged on my sofa. Within a few minutes it spontaneously reset itself. After sitting a while longer the screen dimmed out as usual. I then hit the red key to turn it back on and it reset itself twice in a row. Therefore, the only conclusion I can reach is an internal electronic failure of some kind. It was NOT any of the software I had loaded on it. Cold solder joint, memory corruption or failure, ROMs corruption, voltage fluctuations, who knows. So it's going back in the box, back to SprintPCS. It gave me 14 months of excellent service. It was on 24/7 basically 99.999% of the time. The only time it was never powered on was when changing batteries, and I did that less than half a dozen times in those 14 months. It simply had some kind of internal electronics failure or corruption. So I reiterate, the $5.00/mo. Insurance replacement plan through SprintPCS was worth every cent since the phone was out of warranty when it began to spontaneously reset itself. It was NEVER dropped, NEVER abused, doesn't have a single scratch on it anywhere, was never left in a hot car, never water damaged, kept in a case of one kind or another for all 14 months.

    Do NOT send email to harv at treocentral dot com - it will never reach me.. forwarding from that address to my real address was hijacked in early 2008, and I can't fix it.. send me a private message instead or email me directly at my RR address..
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    Wow, this was a great read
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?

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