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    I've been testing the Chatteremail on my new Treo 650 for about a week. I've noticed dramatic battery drain when I've set the push using Chatter's OWA plugin. My Treo now gets to that Extremely Low battery state by the end of the day. Granted, I do get quite a few emails, but I didn't expect this technology to be such a power hog. I've played around with various preference settings including disabling notifications (ring, buzz and LED).

    With this much drain, keeping the push on is not practical.

    Is this a typical experience?
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    If you are a Sprint or Verizon customer, (CDMA technology), then the battery drain will be evident (I use Sprint). There are settings within ChatterEmail that work around the issue and might be of value to you. Instead of always on line, you can have it sync every XX minutes, you can minimize the number of mail boxes on line, et cetera.

    In my case, I have one mail box always on line. When a message is received, I do something with it, if cancelled, a copy of it is sent to an offline box that keeps it until I get a chance later to review it in detail. If I move it to another mail box, then that move is done but the box on the Treo is not updated - it is kept off line and sych'd only on a need-to basis. You can also set it to delete/move immediately or at another time, and so forth - these do save you battery life. However, due to the technology used by Sprint and Verizon, battery life is a bit shorter. The plus is that the Treo likes to be fed throughout the day. Ben
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    Here's what I do:

    Keep a spare charged battery with you at all times.

    Keep a spare A/C charger at work.

    Keep a car charger in the car too.

    Turn off all lights on the Treo, including keyboard, flashing LEDs, etc.

    Does Chatter suck up more juice than usual? Yes...but it's worth it.

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    I have Sprint T650 with 3 IMAP mail box all pushing email. Then I have OWA work Inbox also pushing and an OWA work Sent Items in offline mode. I manually sync the Sent Items when I need them, not very often. I have configured for efficient Sync. I get about 36 hours on a change when I in a good reception area. I do have a spare battery but I stopped carrying it because I never had to use it. Yes push is worth it.
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    Do you sit down and answer your e-mail at certain times each day ?

    Perhaps you could set one emergency mail to push and the other ones to only say "pull" 10 minutes before you will actually be available to go thru and answer them.

    Personally I find it too limiting. For my usage, I can't give my Treo up for 3 hours a day (an extra 18 hours a week) to a cradle / charger just to save a few seconds pulling my e-mail only when I am in a position to do something with it. My Treo sits in the cradle each Friday nite for about 3 hours which is my "I don't answer calls or anything else **chill time**". I do my "Data from Captain Picard's Star Trek" impression, unscrew my head , don't talk to anybody and recharge my positronic brain during those hours .

    But that's due to the nature of my work too. I don't get many "I needed you to have the attached right away e-mails". I do get a lot of "I need your arse here right now calls" and when I am done with my inspection, I generate the document that I send to someone else that he / she needs right away. If I was on the othe rend of me, I might feel different.
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    JackNaylorPE I agree with you, I also need some down time. I forgot turn off all email pushing for all mailboxes at night and turn it back on in the morning with the sleep settings. I do not know if that turns off the radio or not, which would save the battery.
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    I use Treo Alarm to turn the phone off at night (weekdays at 11 pm, weekends at 1 am), turn the phone on in the morning (8 am weekdays / 10 am weekends), wake me up (different times weekday / weekend, download the weather report each morning and turn on da phone after a reset.

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