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    Title says it all.... I've seen others mention using it for radio but I don't understand how.

    >>>aprasad wirtes:
    The way I look at it: Treo 650 out of the box is an adequate phone and PIM/PDA. pTunes makes it a music player and internet radio. It makes it a 4-device-in-one instead of 2-device-in-one for me.
    TCPMP makes it 5-devices-in-one by adding video playback.<<<
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    pTunes can play streaming audio in streaming-mp3 (aka shoutcast) or ogg vorbis formats.

    Open in blazer. Tap the link to the streaming audio. It will launch pTunes and play that like Realplayer or Windows media player streams to the PC.

    Details at
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    You need pocket tunes deluxe. Then the easiest way is to go to this site.
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    Hey, that's pretty cool - you can go to the product creator's website and get information on how to use the product!

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