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    So, we want to make the Treo our 'lightweight' laptop... leave the laptop behind if you have a Treo, etc. So we buy apps and a external keyboard, maybe a cradle stand. But hey, the screen is still approx 3 in x 3 in.

    I saw this screen magnifier, Magnifico, at . Would this make it easier to see the screen like a real display?
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    Dang, i'm not that old yet
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    The only thing I've seen is....
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    Dang, i'm not that old yet
    You will be and you'll dislike it just as much as we do... But hey, there are a lot of good things about being "old". I just can't remember what they are. Who am I? Why am I writing this? Where's my computer....
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    It's not about being old. I posted with question because I was interested in anyone using the Treo as a laptop replacement on the road. If you have everything you need to leave the laptop at home including a folding keyboard let's say, then the only thing not changed is the screen. I sit at the desk in my hotel room with my Treo and a folding keyboard. It is still sitting in front of me at the same distance as my laptop except the screen is still about 3 in x 3 in with about 8 or 9 point font.

    It would be great if the screen was more in line with the proportions of the keyboard etc to make it all easier to use. Afterall that's why we got the keyboard in the first place.
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    Well, if screen size is an issue, you should probably just go with an ultra-portable laptop. Mine is just 3 pounds and I can barely tell it's in my backpack.
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    Just Kidding, I think it is cool too. Just no use for it at this point.......

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