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    Okay.. I just purchased a dock for my Treo and it's been working perfectly. Today I attempted to do a sync and it stopped shortly and didn't complete the sync... I tried everything thinking there was a software issue. I moved the Treo out of the dock and attached the cord to it and Viola!!! It synced. I then re-attachedd the cord to the treo and it synced. When I rebooted however. The same thing happened. All of a sudden it doesn't want to recognize my treo if i try to hot sync it from the cradle (unless I do a hotsync out of the cradle first) What gives on this??
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    Windows seems to lose the Treo and you can try all sorts of things to make it see it again...soemtimes unplugging / replugging works, after a while it seems you have to swap USB ports. Check the "Can't Hotsync" threads for more details

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    I had a similar problem, though I didn't find the dock would work after a non-dock sync. Eventually, I took the dock back to the vendor and they ended up replacing it. I wish I hadn't waited as long as I did before doing this, as the ease-of-use of dock-based synching is considerably greater than when using a cable.
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    Okay.. here's an update.. It's working again. Apparanetly if I try to sync immediately after my desktop comes up when I boot won't work. I have to wait like 1 minute after I see my desktop to initiate a hotsync.
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    This may be because the sync monitor software launches later on in the process, and isn't yet 'listening' for sync initiation from USB devices. Glad you got the problem sorted.

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