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    I replaced my Palm Treo 600 with a Palm Treo 650. First I hot synced and backed my Palm 600 data. I installed the new Palm 650 software in the same location the Palm 600 desktop software was installed. My t-mobile SIM was placed in the Palm 650 and all data seemed to transfer. The exception to this was my text messages from my 600. The 600 used the application SMS v.1.0.1 to log text messages. The Treo 650 uses Messaging v.2.0. Any new messages that I have received since switching the phones use the later application. I really need to keep the “old” messages and would like them to transfer. It appears as if the SMS application is locked so I can not beam it over to the Treo 650. Is there a way to beam locked applications? I have another question. Are these messages stored on the SIM card .. or are they a application that should have been picked up when I installed the new Palm Desktop software?

    Any ideas what I can do to resolve this?
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    I am still looking for a solution to this problem. I've been on several sites. I noticed many have viewed this thread but no answers. Please e-mail me direct if you have any ideas. Thanks again.
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    You can use Filez to beam locked applications, so you could give that a try with the SMS v1.0.1 program. Then you just need to find the matching database (pdb) and do the same.
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