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    sorry for asking this but tried to read past threads and did not find the answer.
    I discoverd how to setup my Treo650/Versamail/Account and I can send emails (great!) but I cannot receive my today's emails because:

    If I choose NOT to limit date, it is downloading all emails I have at gmail account including archived emails. They are more than 400, downloading is stopping about 350 and I did not receive today's emails.

    If I choose to limit "last day" or "last 3 days" I receive NO email? even there are some...

    Any help?
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    Hi Jorge!

    I do not use the day "limits" feature in VersaMail -- so I cannot confirm that it should work or not.

    However, what I do, is keep my "IN BOX" on my servers empty, except for new mail. VersaMail only downloads what is in your IN BOX on the server -- not any other folders.

    So I always move emails out of my IN BOX on my work server to other folders within Outlook -- and I do the same with my home email accounts. Thus, at most, there is only a days worth of email in my IN BOXes at any one time -- and even less, as I read and delete them with my Treo. . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Oh, the OPer mentioned gmail which is the source of his
    (and my) troubles with Versamail.

    Gmail inists on passing on even your own sent mails as "new"
    mails (gmail uses labels). The only exceptions are thrashed and
    junk mails.

    Jorge, there is a feature setting in gmail where you need to
    specify if the POP is active for ALL MAILS or NEW MAILS RECEIVED.
    Could be the source of your error?

    - mvk
    Game over!
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    thank you!
    After new pop setup it is working fine..
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    These are the exact reasons I switched to ChatterMail. Using GMail's filtering rules and forwarding only mail I care about to a free Fastmail account for IMAP sync with ChatterMail is the way to go! I've never had much luck with the GMail and VersaMail combination.

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