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    3xCommander 1.02
    FileProg 1.14
    Palm File Browser 1.3
    Filez 6.8.3
    UniCmd 1.813
    PalmCommander 3.2.3

    All are FREE and can be found in MTDN Downloads Section

    Thanks in advance for your input

    Do i smell a review of free file browsers
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    FileProg is the best for me, fast and easy to use.
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    I reach for 3XC.... though I have FileZ installed.

    Of the two, the presentation (interface) is far
    superior in 3XC, though FileZ has more functionality.
    (Don't know about the other guys.)

    - mvk
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    I use FileProg, Filez, and PalmCommander...just depends on the mood. Mainly used PC for the backup function (smaller footprint than UniCmd), but now I'm using NV Backup so I'll have to see if PC still has a place on my Treo. All rest on my SD card, so it's no sweat to have multiple programs. Probably use Filez the most since it's what I know, but FileProg is gaining in usage because it has a great UI.
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    I'm a Resco Explorer user (not free), so knowing what I know now if I had to use a free one I would have to go with UniCmd since it is very Resco-like in its overall functionality. The drawback there is the UI, but I'd accept its deficiencies there for the functionality it offers.
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    FileZ for the grunt work. ZLauncher for the quick work. Ben
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    I use unicmd. It comes with an unzip utility.

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