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    Has anyone tried Adarian ID? (Currently in beta release).

    I like SplashID (currently on the trial version) but am a registered and enthusiastic buyer of Adarian Expense Diary (with the Office Add-In). I'd like to give the Adarian product a test before committing one way or the other.
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    Ive just started checking this now, no probs so far on my Treo600. As you already use another Adarian product you are probably aware of how responsive the developer is to any problems or suggestions. There is a user's forum at:

    A few Tungsten users had early probs but they seem to have been ironed out now.

    Ive never used any other ID programs so I cant compare its functionality. I was attracted to it mainly because of my extreme satisfaction with the other Adarian progs I use, Adarian Money for Palm and Windows.

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    I actually dont see how to use it very effectively - I have Listpro and I guess I am comparing it to that.
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    I asked the US-based developer about Adarian ID's encryption level and he said he had to keep it at 64bit so as not to contravene US laws.

    But I just noticed that SplashID's level is advertised at 256bit and they are also based in the US...

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