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    Hi guys,

    Newb here at this 650 GSM stuff with a few questions:
    I bought an unlocked Cingular 650 to use w/ T-mobile

    1) What is the latest firmware I can use on it 1.17-CNG or the 1.20-ENA? Will ROMs developed for Unlocked work with the Cingular version? I just don't want to brick it on my first try.

    2) I have a backup from my CDMA Treo 650, can I just restore the backup in the new Treo and be up and running or do I need to reinstall everything?

    3) Will the SPCS splash screens work with the GSM or do I have to delete it before restoring? If they don't is there anything similar around for GSM?

    I have done quite a bit of search without luck finding answers to this questions.

    Thanks for your help...
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    The subsidy lock status is completely independent of what software edition you're running. If the Treo is currently running a CNG or CNB software, then you can install the latest Cingular if you want. If you want to switch to the unbranded edition, you will have to first "downgrade" to an old version (1.13 or something like that) of the unbranded software and then you can install the ENA version. This is probably the better route for you as otherwise you'll get some Cingular junk taking up space.

    Yes, splash screens will work even if they were built for CDMA phones, but most of them will cause the locator services icon (crosshair) to appear on the phone screen. You can ignore this.
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    To the best of my recollection, everything tied to the carrier exists only in ROM, so you should be able to switch over rather painlessly. Make backup up of ya username folder before proceeding tho.

    Personally tho, I'd install from scratch just to get rid of any old junk that was left around. Here's the "long way" that ya might use if you were going from 600 to 650....well it's longer than just hotsynching but shorter than a whole rebuild.
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    Thanks a lot for the info...

    I should have the GSM Treo sometime later this week and will play around with it. I am going to downgrade to 1.13 of the unlocked and then upgrade to the 1.20-ENA, then to the custom with 1.20-ENA FAT32 and Fast Blazer that I downloaded from the forums. Hopefully everything will work OK.

    Should I activate it before doing the ROM updates or it doesn't matter?
    I have all my data backed up to the SD card with BBVFS, I am going to try the restore if it doesn't work then I will go and do your method. Reinstalling everything I have would be a pain and I would prefer it to be the last option.

    Thanks for your replies...

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