So, I typed-in #*786 to show the Life Timer.

I must have typed-in a wrong digit or so, and my
phone (Cingular, Unlocked, Treo 650) started
showing a 1 left side of the Bluetooth Icon, indicating
that the ALS was active. (after switching off and on
the radio)

The call window also started announcing that the
calls were from "Line 1".

A reboot cleared this (no longer displays the "Line"),
but I want to ask, is there a hash code to enable
ALS (Alternate Line Service)? The Cingular Manual is
silent on this, while the Generic GSM Manual says
that this depends on the operator.

Or is it possible that something else (other than
a wrong hash code) could have caused this?

Or did I inadvertantly go into some kind of a "debug"
mode or something? MTDN FAQ is not very clear on this.

- mvk