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    I am asking this as I'm unable to grasp the concept.
    Let me try to restate what I think I know: GSM and
    GPRS/ EDGE allows voice calls and data to be transmitted
    at the same time.


    - When I am "connected" with GPRS, I am able to
    receive calls.

    - When I am downloading (as opposed to merely
    "connected") the caller gets a "busy" or "out of range"
    message. (eg. Blazer, QuickNews, Versamail, pTunes
    actively downloading some data)


    - Is the problem carrier related?
    - Or is it Treo related?
    - Or is it PalmOS limitation?
    - Or is it GSM/ GPRS technology related?

    - Or (gulp!) is it some disease that only my phone has?

    Game over!
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    You can not get GSM and GPRS/EDGE at the same time, at least not with any phone that's out on the market right now. I believe it's possible if designed in to the phone, but it requires redundant/more expensive circuitry which may not even be all that available to handset makers. And I'm not aware of any phones/PDAs that do this. The data (GPRS/EDGE) time slots are on a different frequency than your GSM calls and Treo can't do them both at the same time.
    Moving foward to 3G WCDMA (UMTS/HSDPA) however, all of the data can be done on the same channel and it is intended to support simultaneous voice/data.

    It has been my experience that my data transmissions will be interrupted to receive incoming phone calls. To my knowledge I haven't had calls bounce to voice mail because I was using data. This is pretty typical, but it's not garunteed. There is always the possibility that the call will not be put through if you're using data but I think that's more the exception than the norm.

    The GPRS session being 'connected' when you get calls is normal. That session is really on stand-by so to speak. The control is maintained to keep the session active (even data would still flow if the phone supported it) but the data transmission is put on hold while you're on a call and the session is still active and ready for data immediately after your call ends.
    Basically your phone call ties up the 2-way radio that the data needs.

    Why your callers get bounced while you're downloading data is a mystery to me. I just don't have that problem that I know of.
    I also have Cingular on an unlocked GSM Treo.
    I can only speculate that where you are, perhaps the way the network is set up in your area your callers are more likely to get bounced to voicemail/message.

    But as for not being able to handle calls and data at the same time, this is in fact normal on a Treo by design.
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    Wow! what a complete and coherent explanation. Thanks Taylor. This is the reason why I keep coming back to T|C.
    Game over!
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    Yes I second that. Great response Taylor!

    Maybe TC could initiate some variation of the Kudos system they use at MyTreo to reward and encourage useful posts. Or maybe TC'ers are just so naturally altruistic we dont need it!

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    I currently have an O2 XDA Atom and believe this to be a GSM-related issue. My service provider acknowledged that calls will go to voice mail if I am actively downloading or uploading data. O2 technical support, who for me (as I am in Hong Kong) are based in Singapore, confirmed that calls should interrupt data calls and that users in Singapore and Australia experience this. They have received numerous queries and complaints from HK users and the suggestion is that HK networks have not enabled the feature (to allow an incoming call to interrupt a GPRS call). This may be related to this article on ETSI specified interfaces.

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