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    After upgrading the ROM and synching back up, the default email button is tied to Versamail. I went to Prefs and it was in fact set to GoodLink, I reset it to GoodLinkanyway, and still no luck. Tried a couple of times, set it back to Versamail, soft reset, set it back to GoodLink. No luck.

    Any ideas?
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    My guess, and it is only a guess, is that you will have to reload Goodlink...
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    Unfortunately, I think you're right. What's so hard about reloading GoodLink is that it needs so much space (or rather, the Treo 650 has so little), that it basically means I need to wipe it clean and reload all of my apps starting with GoodLink.
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    Yup; I had to do this once for another reason. It wasn't that bad, just time consuming.

    When you think about it, though, the great functionality of Goodlink is worth the effort!

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