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    since reciving a new laptop a few weeks ago from work I've had nothing but issues with synching data to / fro my 650 with outlook. At this point all my data is upto date and accurate on my PC. Howevere when I sysnc I get double appointments & contacts on both devices I would like to perform a master reset on my 650 to start completly fresh. Then i can start copletly fresh &sync w/ outlook as if the first time Any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance,


    Thanks in advance
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    I believe that you have to hold the up and power off buttons at the same time and then hit the reset button from the back, then let go of those two buttons. THat should do the hard reset from past understandings, otherwise just do a search.
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    its a fricken ***** to do!
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    Here's another thread you might want to read.
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