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    Hey guys - just want to let you know that I've set up my own unlocking service for GSM Treo 650's.

    It's a lot cheaper than the other alternatives on the market - $15 to get your phone unlocked (plus discounts if you want to resell services/affiliate commissions/etc).

    Just to let you know - this stuff will help fund my treo hacking activities, like further ROM tool enhancements/etc. Any money that I make through this service will certainly make it back to the community.
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    I was able to be the first one to use this I believe. It works well and comes from a trusted source and goes to a good cause, US!

    Thanks again mmastrac!
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    By all means, I will send everyone I can, your way.
    Thanks Again!
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    DAMN! I just did mine last weekend and paid $17.95.
    Admit it - you were just *waiting* for me to unlock mine first....
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    Checkmate, you don't have it as bad. I'm the stupid ***** who bought the unlocking service on e-bay, just to find out that the phone I got through craigslist (Cingular branded phone), was already unlocked! Boy did i feel stupid :-p
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    Hi, does this work (or can you offer the service) on a GSM Treo 600? I have one locked to Orange that I need to unlock.
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    You can do it yourself for free on the 600. Check over in the forums on to request the "patch" to do it
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    I just unlocked my AT&T 650. What great service. I tried unlocking this phone earlier with an ebay service, but proxy/firewall problems kept getting in my way and their customer support was no help. I ran into a similar problem with this service, but received super customer support from mmastrac.

    I sent an email question and received a response within a few minutes. We tried a different version of the software, but when that didn't work, he was able to check the server logs and get my unlock code manually. 5 minutes after I placed my order, I received my unlock code via email. Fantastic!
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    If you're selling a service, this really should be in the marketplace forum. IMHO

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    This guy ROCKS!

    At 12:30 on a Friday night I decided to unlock my treo using his service. I had a small problem and sent an email (not expecting a reply 'till Saturday at the earliest)...and he replied back within 15 minutes.....on Friday nite...after midnight! Talk about good service! I was up and running w/in 5 minutes after his email.

    I've joined the crowd of 'unlocked 650s'. I come!

    Thanks mmastrac.

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    Tried another source for the unlock code and just got an error. (Could have been my own fault - neewbie and all). But I tried mmastrac's way and it worked right away. Thanks again.
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    is it a subsidy unlock? My Treo 650 is unlocked but cingular branded, and I want to de-brand it in the worse way. Let me know if your unlock will do this.
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    is your phone totally unlocked now? (subsidy unlocked?) If so, how? I own an unlocked treo 650 which is cingular branded however, and I want to de-brand badly. Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulig13
    is your phone totally unlocked now? (subsidy unlocked?) If so, how? I own an unlocked treo 650 which is cingular branded however, and I want to de-brand badly. Any ideas?
    My treo is now unlocked in that I can use it for any gsm carrier. T-Mobile, cingular, etc. The phone is still branded to Cingular. There are some posts explaining how to unbrand it. You can start looking at the following one:

    It seems to deal with that. It would have to be a ROM reset. Beyond my talents at the moment.
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