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    Just today after doing a hotsync and restarting chatter did I find a message of "low memory!" for all of my email accounts. I use two constantly online and several offline mailboxes. I just did a search and found it is being reported to you through your site Marc, but since I am not a member over there figured I'd let you know there is another user with the same problem. A soft reset did the trick (sorry I would have waited and seen if you wanted a log but I need my email, you're programs too good to live with-out). So just want to let you know, and know if you had figured anything out for it?

    thanks, you're doing an amazing job!
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    This really is not a "memory" problem, it is related to the stack, et cetera. Are you running an older release of Chatter? If so, up to the latest stable or the latest beta. I am running today's beta without a problem at all. Ben
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    Yup I run the latest stable! thanks tho

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