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    Thought I'd ask before I buy. I'm an avid Tomtom user and currently have some maps and some tunes on a 1 GB SD card. I'd like to upgrade and am considering skipping 2GB and going straight to 4GB. But I saw the following on another thread and wondered what experience there is out there using Fat32 and/or 4GB cards with Tomtom.
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    I have a slightly different problem but it may be related. Using TomTom and creating a route, on my 4GB Transcent Card, it takes forever. If I use my 2GB card to create the same route, it is at least 10x faster. Just like others, I have tried everything but cannot figure out what the problem is. If I had to pick, I'd say it's a file system problem with fat32 driver and memory/buffer allocation issue and not the card. But there is no way for me to find out.
    I am using Fat32 with my 1GB card, but the card itself is still FatFS. Anyone using a Fat32 formated 2GB card or a 4GB card?
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    Mine works flawlesly with a Transcend 4GB card. I have been using this combination since I purchased TomTom. Actually, I have all the maps that come with TomTom on the card. Now I have no need to think about loading maps when I am on the road.
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