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    Well, at least in my head it is. I doubt it would ever be done, but i thought of this idea for a new launcher. (animated or not doesnt matter). Let me know what you think.
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    Looks very nice...but to me, looks are just 50% of what I look for in a launcher. What kind of functionalities are you thinking about?
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    Similar functions you would see in any app launcher including:

    - Customization, Customization, Customization! (without a doubt)
    This would include change of background, location of certain items, toggle animation, etc.
    - Ability to hide programs you don't want showing (like obscelute does), including this launcher icon itself.
    - Maybe even a place to put a task bar of currently running programs to quick switch to (doubt it could be done on this OS but would be nice)
    - Not worrying about having to click center button to start navigating (like with Silverscreen and many others!!)
    - Ability to change icons for individual applications.
    - Major stability testing to prevent breakouts of people complaining about soft resets. Testing in different scenario's of programs already on unit.

    This is just a while-im-in-work-mode, off-the-top-of-my-head list.
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    kinda reminds me of the sidekick.
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    Ew no! I hope something like that is never implemented. I mean, it looks nice, but functionally that would suck. Think about having to essentially "scroll" through every application to find the one you wanted. Also I have seen these types of menus implemented on several electronic devices (Sony seems to love this style) and they are often very flimsy. Often you may accidentally "scroll" past the application you are looking for.

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