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    The wifi sled I ordered arrived yesterday and it's working fine except for one issue: if I've got the sled attached but not turned on, the phone doesn't seem to work. It does work, however, when I've got the wifi powered on.

    Is this expected behavior? Or do I just have a defective one?
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    I have no idea about the sled, but im guessing it's because your battery is attached to the sled.
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    But the battery in the phone -- independent of the one on the sled -- is still on. Since the battery in the sled can't act as a spare for the one on the phne, I had guessed that the phone wouldn't become effectively disabled when the sled is off.

    I can make and receive phone calls when the sled is attached but powered off. I just can't speak or hear them. Which seems like a kinda useful ability there..

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