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    Does anyone have any recommendations on Diabetic Monitoring Applications? What I am looking for is one that will read from my meter (Accu-Chek Compact) without using a PC...just straight infra-red.

    I've seen a few but nothing yet that supports my meter, no apposed to getting a new meter but would love to gather feedback from others experiences.

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    I think Accu-Chek actually DID have a program that would do that, but I am not sure that they still support it. You should contact them directly via the 1-800 on their meter.

    Here's the deal. Any diabetes program that "works" has to be approved by the FDA, guess what, that is a very painful progress. Thus few people will do it.

    There are several interesting solutions -- Animas has EzManager that does carb counting and calcuates insulin dosage. It's FDA approved and interfaces with their insulin pump via the PC.

    There is also a component in Calorie King for carb counting and diabetes management.

    Finally there is Diabetes Pilot.

    You'll find each of them with simple searches.

    FYI: I have a website at with more detail also.

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