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    Have GoodLink, and downloaded a pdf from an email and saved it to card. When I hotsync palm doesnt allow me to sycnc the pdf, only images and documents to go files on the card. How do I get the file from my palm to my PC (no internet connection on the pc)

    I know I can use a memory card reader, but don't have access to one and really I shouldn't need to do that. I hate palm desktop....

    I can also see the file with fileZ but there is no option to hotsync the file, only versamail or beam. hotsync sucks.
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    There are settings that allow you to sync specific files. To sync the card, you need to have a program that specifically does that, such as BackupBuddy. Ben
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    Looks like BackupBuddy costs money. I would just pay the same amount for the premium version of Documents to Go and accomplish this. Really I should say I'm looking for a free solution.
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    Why don't you just e-mail it to yourself?
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    Image this:

    I'm in my car lost in the desert trying to find my way to kickass party I heard about called Burning Man. I have my Treo and I have my laptop and a hotsync cable. Now, there is no WiFi available out here in this desert but as luck would have it I found a wide spot in the road where I get PCS Vision coverage. So I call my friend up who has a map to Burning Man, in PDF format. I tell him to email it to me and I will be able to download it with my Treo and then pull it up on my laptop.

    Sounds reasonable so far, right? Well when I plug in my hotsync cable and sync, there is no option for me to sync the .PDF. I heard that I must buy the premium version of Documents to Go in order to hotsync .PDFs but I don't have that right now... Help me I'm about to miss Burning Man!
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    As far as I can tell, Adobe Reader for Palm OS (the one on the CD) does not link to PalmDesktop but comes with a Winodws version which opens and uses hotsync to UPLOAD files to the Treo. There is no obvious option to download files from Treo.

    So... I dont have a card reader in this situation, although that is my preferred method definetly. This hotsync a PDF to the PC saved from GoodLink is ImFREAKINPOSSIBLE!
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    So you don't have IR or bluetooth on your laptop? Either should work with FileZ. Another option would be to get the trial version of Card Export from That would allow you to transfer the file and it's free for 30 days. Lastly, why not have your friend put the location info in the body of the email?
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    Well, it's not Hotsync, but PFB should do the job:

    Or perhaps you can install the free trial of DocsToGo, if it's a one-time requirement.
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    I agree...use PFB.

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