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    anyone know the way to unlock treo 650? such as software and what steps,I'd appriciate thanks~
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy0548
    anyone know the way to unlock treo 650? such as software and what steps,I'd appriciate thanks~
    the search function on this site does wonders..........
    (but hey, I can do the same thing sometimes)............

    but if you want to just unlcok the software (ie go from cingular to non-brnaded) then I am pretty sure you have to do it the SD way........

    I forget the exact location on this site (just use the search to find it) but I do remember
    this web page .........

    there is plenty of info out there and I know its on this site............u just gottat find it..............
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    I don't think he's talking about going from locked software to unlocked.
    He's talking about doing a subsidy unlock to allow the use of another carrier's sim card.
    Two different things. Applying the unlocked software/firmware doesn't remove the subsidy lock. You're still tied to that carrier.

    Jimmy - Is that correct, and who's your carrier?
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    If you have a GSM phone and have been a Cingular (t-mobile, too I think) customer for at least 3 months just call customer service and ask for the unlock code. Otherwise try one of the unlock websites that charge around $50 to unlock your phone.....


    I've always been hesitent to use those sites and I have no idea how legitimate they are or whether they work. I've always gotten the unlock code from my provider by calling customer service.
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    I just dialed 611 and told the rep that I wanted to unlock my phone. The next day I called back and got the code. Never got an email, though.
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    thanks all.mistercoffee1 your are right,I want to unlock my phone,so that I can use another carrier's sim card,I'm now in china,can you tell me the details?many thanks
    MP:Treo 650
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    I used - promotional code TREOCENTRAL will save you $5. All you need is a USB sync cable and a PC that runs Windows and MSIE.
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    thanks holmes4,I have just found the software and drivers,anyone know the user name and password which used in the client software?
    MP:Treo 650
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    jimmy0548: i just posted a note about my new unlocking service above - it's only $15 and no coupon required. It'll save you $10

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