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    I've been using Chatter for a little while now, and I love it. I have 4 e-mail accounts, 3 of which I use regularly and are in the "Summary" view, the last one is a Gmail account that's my girlfriends so she can check when she wants, but it doesn't Q-sync and it's not in summary. One of the summary accounts also doesn't Q-sync, so I can check it when I want. Works great. All accounts are POP3 (except Gmail, don't know what that is).

    The only problem I'm having is that when I delete an e-mail, either in summary view or in individual account view, it goes Gray (deleted) and then it just sits there. The treo will q-sync numerous times throughout the day and update with the accounts, and new e-mails get downloaded but the "deleted" messages don't get deleted. Then when i come home at the end of the day and check my e-mail on my computer, all those "deleted" e-mails get redownloaded onto my desktop, which is exactly what I'm trying to avoid (having to resift through 20 e-mails, 3/4 of which are now junk). I guess the question is, how do I get it so when I hit "delete" on an e-mail, it both: 1) deletes it COMPLETELY from my treo (i.e. it's no longer visible in the Summary screen or individual account screen as a gray item) and 2) deletes it from my account on the next Q-sync?

    By the way, the Treo IS set to keep older messages on those accounts, as I like to keep several days worth of old messages to refer back to. I would prefer to keep this setting activated if possible.
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    A message deleted from an offline mailbox will stay grey until the next sync, at which point the deletion will migrate to the server (unless you've used "Delete on Treo Only"). I don't know of any cases in which this doesn't work, but send me a log that shows me the problem and I'll take a look.

    BTW, if this is the behavior you want, you should REALLY get an IMAP account and use that (either instead, or with forwarding your POP3 mail). POP3 is really inappropriate for use with multiple computers.

    Logging instructions are in the FAQ at

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    OK, upon further investigation and poking around, as well as some further reading of the instruction manual, I still can't figure out why it's doing this. I'm not sure you understood my problem entirely, however.

    When I delete an e-mail on my POP3 Account, with "Leave Older Messages on Treo" checked, it simply grays out that e-mail. The grayed-out e-mail stays on the Treo as such, and the delete does not propogate to the server. Sad state of affairs.

    When I delete an e-mail on my POP3 Account with "Leave Older Messages on Treo" UNchecked, the e-mail grays out, and on the NEXT SYNC it is erased both from the Treo and from the server. So, when I get home, my e-mail program doesn't download it because it's gone from the server.

    The behavior I'm looking for is a synergey of these two characteristics. I want to keep my older messages on the Treo (messages that I have NOT deleted, but just want to keep for future reference), but still have the Treo delete messages from the server on the next sync. It seems these two things are simultaneously impossible. I have no option anywhere for Delete on Treo Only. Therefore, something doesn't add up quite right.

    I suppose one thing to do would be to lock specific e-mails I want to keep, but this seems unnecessary and a pain.

    As far as IMAP... One of my main accounts is either POP3 or IMAP depending on how I want to use it. The problem here is if I use it as an IMAP account, and proceed to use the Treo with this account, the Treo locks out my computer. What I mean is, as long as the Treo (Chatter) is online with this IMAP account, my e-mail program on my desktop (Thunderbird) Cannot gain access to the account (it gives a message saying the account is busy). This is a huge problem for me, since I consider my desktop e-mail software critical to e-mailing in general - the Treo is meant as an accessory e-mail program.
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    Regarding IMAP, you should use a better server then. Good IMAP servers allow multiple simultaneous accesses, and that's what the vast majority of them do! I have to think about the POP3 issue.

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    Marc, I've taken your advice and made the full transition to IMAP, having my POP account e-mails forwarded to my IMAP account, which seems to be working quite nicely. The reason I was having trouble with the IMAP account before is because my Thunderbird program was configured to use it as a POP account instead of IMAP. Changing that solved the issue, and I now have continuously synchronized e-mail between Treo/Computer/Server.

    Thus, the deleting problem isn't really an issue anymore, but it may still be something you want to look into in terms of Chatter functionality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    Regarding IMAP, you should use a better server then. Good IMAP servers allow multiple simultaneous accesses, and that's what the vast majority of them do! I have to think about the POP3 issue.


    My web host (and therefore mailserver) is of the "not better" variety. If I have Chatter running and Outlook running in IMAP mode, Outlook burps and boots me off the mailserver.

    How can I identify a mailserver that is a "better server" for IMAP purposes so I can have multiple simultaneous accesses?

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