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    I was looking into the verizon wireless sync. I am not interested in the email aspect. I would like contacts, tasks and calendar. When I try and sign up it seems I have to give it an email address to get email for.

    Can anyone recommend it for us with contacts, tasks and calendar?
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    Under Sync Settings on your Treo you should be able to check off boxes that say what you want synced but I'd call the Treo people first at Verizon before you do this because there are different names for the thing on your treo that might not correspond exactly to what you are wanting to sync only.

    Also, if you just want to sync calendar, contacts, tasks, i recommend using the hot sync application which doesn't go through wireless sync at all. You just hot sync with the cradle and it will update all of that info but not your email from what i know.
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    I gave Wireless Sync a try. It was lousy, buggy and more hassle than it was worth to me. I removed it from my ROM...GONE FOREVER.

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