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    Have anyone use PDABomb to encrypt their Visor's data. How does that compare to JawzDatagator? Your input is appreciated.
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    Originally posted by SpeakerCoach
    Have anyone use PDABomb to encrypt their Visor's data. How does that compare to JawzDatagator? Your input is appreciated.
    Some facts about PDABomb:

    1. It disables the Palm OS built-in debugger. The Palm OS built-in debugger is a big security hole because it allows the retrieval of a full memory dump even from a locked device.

    2. It disables any data transfer mechanisms such as HotSync and IrDA. When the device is protected by PDABomb there is no way to retrieve any information from the device.

    3. It doesn't store the actual password on a locked device, only MD5 hash. (This only applies to the registered version. The TRIAL version will store the user's actual password AND DISPLAY IT ON THE "System Lockout" screen).

    4. It erases the encryption key from the device after device is locked. The encryption key will be generated when user enters the correct password. There is no way to recover an encryption key from the stored password hash.
    PDABomb uses two 128-bit key encryption algorithms.

    5. It prevents the use of a brute force attack because it can limit the number of attempts to unlock the device. When the user exceeds the maximum number of attempts, PDABomb destroys all RAM databases without a user prompt.

    6. If the user accidentally destroys information on their handheld, (s)he can restore information by invoking HotSync. Although HotSync generally provides a good backup, in some older versions of the Palm OS, a HotSync may not provide a complete backup of all 3rd party application databases. Palm OS upgrades are available at

    Visit to learn more.

    To learn about JAWZDataGator you should visit or
    but I can write some facts about it (from user manual):
    1. It is a hack extension.
    2. It uses two encryption algorithms 3-DES and Blowfish. There is a restriction: DataGator is available only for USA & Canada residents.

    The major differences between PDABomb and DataGator:
    PDABomb is integrated enryption & lock manager. You can't break it by soft reset and you can't steal any data from locked Palm device because all such ways is blocked.

    You can say: "There is no way to fetch data from the locked device", but any PalmOS developer knows that PalmDebugger can retrieve any data from locked device.

    You have right to choose the best security solution.
    I hope that I answered on your question.

    If you want to try PDABomb:
    Don't forget to disable 3-rd party lock managers because PDABomb conflicts with them.

    (PDABomb developer)

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    Just curious how well PDABomb and others handle the Backup module... OnlyMe (what I'm using now) protects it reasonably well since it activates due to the forced reset after a restore to a "different" Visor. Does PDABomb do something similar?

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