Hello. I purchased a Treo in January and have been on an emotional rollercoaster with it as it's a blessing and a curse. Without getting into too much detail I'm on my second Treo (first one constantly froze up). I was a huge champion of Wireless Sync and it worked well at my last job as we didn't have any sort of firewalls or blocks up and my calendar, contacts, email etc would sync wirelessly.

I'm now at a new job, a much larger corporate entity that requires me to have "administrative rights" to download PC Monitor. I was able to get the IT guy to do this for me but when I restarted my computer I lost the rights and it didn't recognize me as the user of PC Monitor and the Wireless Sync application. Great. What I've been able to do is use the Hot Sync with cradle to sync my contacts and my calendar (desktop overrides handheld) and this is actually working better then wireless sync cause I'm not constantly interrupted by buzzing when I change a contact or calender entry. I just Hot Sync at the end of the day.

My problem right now is email. I removed my PC as a device on the Verizon Wireless Sync page and attempted to re-install PC Monitor. Not happening cause I don't have these "administrative rights".

I'm on a Microsoft Exchange Server at work. Am I correct in thinking that I can push my email from this without PC Monitor? I think I can I just want verification. Also - I don't have my email password (big corporate entitity!). Is there anyway to change my password in Microsoft Outlook 2003 and then set my email to be pushed without PC Monitor from the Verizon Wireless page?

Any help here would be great. I want to keep on with the Hot Sync, I just want to get my email!!

Another huge issue is that the Treo is not supported by my IT dept so they basically gave up on me and told me to figure it out myself.