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    is there a way to force the v4.8 software on the 700w?

    my company uses v4.7 so when i go to, i see the v4.8 being installed but when it synchs with the company server, it gets downgraded to v4.7 since v4.8 isnt officially supported yet but id like to get v4.8 cuz v4.7 just hasnt been working for me (i get the blank screen error with the start menu)

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    You can try doing a cabled install of 4.8 but it would require your GoodLink manager to remove your device and re-add you and select Cabled install. You'll need the device's phone number, ESN or IMSI number and wireless provider (Verizon). You can get the 4.8 software from, scroll down to step 7 to download the sftware to your PC.
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    jamesdoe --- maybe there is a reason your IT folks havent deployed 4.8 and its just a matter of waiting just a little bit longer.

    While 4.8 offers a better GAL lookup over 4.7.x, it may seem to only be a added device support for 700w and other devices however there is a lot of backend server features they will want to take advantage of....and its always better to do it right the first time rather than mucking up a few or several hundred GL users.

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