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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro869
    It's awfully hard to brick your treo with the rom updater. If I figured it out, you can. A stand alone program to do this is great, but you really shouldn't be afraid of custom Roms. If you back up your rom before messing with it, you really CAN'T brick your treo.
    The ROM tool is designed so that even in the worst case (power loss/kid pulls out the USB cable/dog eats power cord), you'll still be able to reflash a new ROM. I take great pains not to touch anything related to the HTC bootloader or any of the other items required for booting into recovery mode.

    There have been a grand total of zero permabricks with the ROM tool, but many scared people that needed to be talked out of a reset loop.

    Palm's updater isn't quite as nice - if you lose power or something crashes at the wrong time, you'll end up with a pretty doorstop.
  2. #22 is it gonna happen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scythe000 is it gonna happen?
    Very likely soon, but I don't have an exact timeframe. Now that I have an installer packaging the current ROM updater I don't feel as bad adding extra programs to the mix.
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    Would this require different installers for different romsets (like CNG Vs. Unlocked)? Also, maybe you could start with just the add FAT32 updater so we can get a beta out to test and then think about adding more functionality.

    BTW, how about we add a donate button for this project?
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    It may have taken me an hour to figure it out... But even I did it! I even removed crap like Real player and other pointless junk! How sweet!
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    The Java port is coming along nicely... I might be able to release a "fat32-update-wizard" style beta soon, at least one that supports Windows/Linux for now.

    I've pretty much set my mind on providing at least some basic ROM-patch style stuff that people can distribute. These patches are basically just ZIP files with XML that describes add/remove/patch operations and the files that are inserted into ROM. This means that someone can effectively make a patch that goes from FAT16->FAT32, or installs fast-mode blazer, or upgrades a Treo650 to a hacker 5.4.9 garnet.
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    Any updates?
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    Any updates?
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    If somebody other than Palm makes a FAT32 update, I hope they can make a Mac version. I looked @ Shadowmite's & it's made for Windows (and I don't run Virtual PC).
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    So, mmastrac, this tool would let one simply run it, and -boom-, fat32 will be installed? As if I were installing a regular app?
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    I wonder how difficult it would be to write a little BASH script which generated a PALM folder for the SD method... if only I wasn't so lazy...

    I actually may get around to trying this in a few days. I can't imagine it would take that long, a couple of redirector symbols should do the trick, yeah?

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    don't bet on PALM's next ROM release! If you like the idea, do it now! I am not familiar with the tech issue, but I can help you guys control the whole project. Who are the volunteers? I suppose a small squad team can do this job in 2 weeks.......?
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    I don't know about the project mmastrac is working on, but I can write the script myself in twenty minutes tops... but of course my script would only modify existing files, and require the existence of a ROM to begin with, proving to be less useful than mmastrac's project...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scythe000
    So, mmastrac, this tool would let one simply run it, and -boom-, fat32 will be installed? As if I were installing a regular app?
    The original idea was that it would be a wizard that downloads your existing ROM, adds the FAT32 driver, repacks and uploads the ROM. I'd still like to work on it, but I'm just clearing a few other projects off my plate.
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    Ah, I see, sounds great!
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    Any updates?

    Have a good weekend.
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