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    I have recently upgraded to a Treo 650 from a Kyocera 7135 (I think I'm one of the few people who actully had a good experience with that phone save the battery life!) Everything works fine with the Treo and I updated it's system software and Firmware to the latest one from Verizon. At any rate.. I've noticed that the Memo Conduit was disabled (I never disabled it) and this must have occured sometime in the transition from Kyocer to Treo. I re-enabled it only to find that my syncs will complete syncing through the iSync Conduit.. but and back-up conduit.. until it comes to the memo conduit... Then my hotsync simply crashes and stops there. This wasn't an issue with the 7135. Has anyone else experienced this? The Hotsync will complete fine with this conduit enabled but it will always crash with it on. Any suggestions or Idea????
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    Can you read the hotsync log?

    I had similar problem and fixed by a freeware called DBScan. You can google for it.
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    I can read the hotsync log. It doesn't say anything about the software crashing in the middle of the sync... It just says that the Sync didn't finish and that Calendars, Contacts, Tasks did get synced. That's it.
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    Sounds like a corrupt database in your treo. Same thing happend to me. Try this thread, worked for me:

    Good luck.
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    Okay... Let me say this again.. the problem is not with my Calendar, or My Contacts.. it's just with the Memos... I don't have the original CD that came with the Treo and I'm wondering if I'm missing the software that I need. Could this be the problem???
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    Okay... My problem is Fixed.... I Completely Deleted ALL of my Palm Folders/Applications etc... Then I did a Hard Rest on my Treo 650. I then re-installed Palm Desktop and reset iSync. Finally EVERYTHING worked. Somehow there was something corrupt left over from the Kyocera 7135 Phone. The problem is fixed and because I had all my information in my iCal and Address Book.. Everything god put back on in Fresh new files. The moral of the story is that if you ever change to a New Palm Device... START OVER with new files. Let iSync handle the transition for you!

    Incidently I did try the free software above but it didn't help me. It's only for Calendar DB.. not the memos.

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