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    With the introduction of the BlackBerry Connect client (yay!), I still need one more element to get my treo working on my company's BlackBerry Enterprise Server. I guess a Credant client ships on every blackberry device and if your company requires you to use it, you simply enable it on the end user's device to connect back to the corporation's server (which they have presumably purchased from Credant - that's how I think the Credant business model works).

    I know there is a Credant client for Palm, but I don't know how to get it. If anyone has it, can you please tell me how you got your hands on it? Also, could you tell me if it is transparent on the backend (in other words, will the IT group know that the underlying hardware is not a blackberry or does the software behave the same regardless?)

    Thanks in advance...
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    You will need to purchase is from Credant.

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