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    O.K. Here I go, and thanx in advance.
    I have a laptop at work that I normally check email on, its a Yahoo account. So now I got this new responsibilty at work that has me out of the office a few days at a time. I need to get my email on the go so I bought a treo700. The Yahoo account is mine so its all personal stuff. Yahoo also hosts our webpage and and I have an email with our domail name and a Gmail account for another buisness Im in. In the past I went to Yahoo and I had folders set up to catch all the mail comming from each address, one for work and personal .etc. Now Im on the road and need to get the mail sent to me. I set up Outlook 2002 sp2 on my laptop and got spam bully to kick out the trash plus set up filters to put the mail into seperate folders. After a wireless sync (WS) or push I only get mail from one account (personal) and I get the spam also. Thru Verizons WS I set up my laptop and my treo as registered devices. When I change a contact or a calender event they all sync up but not email. I thought that Outlook was supposed to send my email to Verizons WS and then to my Treo. Am I wrong in this thought? I installed activesync at home on a pc to back things up and Configured it also , could that maybe be incorrect. All I really need is to have my pim data and emails (without spam if possible) sync to my Treo when Im out- thru Verizon WS thru 3rd party thru activesync ,man thru a string and 2 cans for all I care as long as it works. Does anybody have any suggestions or thoughts on this? Any help will not be turned away, I personally dont have any experience w/ this sort on thing and am floundering.

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    not a single person has any ideas ?
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    This forum is for Palm OS communications, and your question relates to the 700w. Maybe that's why?

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    If the 700W is anything like VersaMail on the 650, all the mail in your Yahoo! account you want to sync to your phone will have to be in your In Box. It won't recognize separate folders, but it can sort them once received. At least that's how it is with VersaMail and the 650. The same may apply for the other e-mail clients you are using. Hope this helps.

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