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    Now that I am completely hooked on Chatter OWA, I want to be able to OWA sync my calendar and contacts. When is this going to happen?

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    Probably next month for calendar.

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    I've also tried Chatter OWA and it works perfectly on my Treo 650. Access to calendar and contacts would be a plus, but I have a feeling that's a whole different ball game...
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    Is there any chance that sync options for OWA calendar will give me the ability for specifying what is uploaded to the calendar? It's the one thing that's kept me away from most other PIM's... I don't neccessarily want all my coworkers to have visibility to my personal calendar. I'd like to download only. I've been a loyal Palm OS user since '97 and haven't deleted a single calendar entry (nor have any intentions on starting now). Cingular Xpress has been an OK stopgap, but it's a memory pig.

    I know that it's probably too early to get requests in, but since it was brought up... :-)
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    WOW next month? I have to purchase an Exchange Chatter plugin?

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