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    I have had my Cingular 650 for about 2 months. One day last week the low battery message came on and I immediately charged it. I had never had that happen before. I thought maybe the phone had stayed on in my purse that day. It charged overnight and the next morning the light was still red so I thought well it is not fully charged but I will take it with me anyway. It showed a full bar of battery. I charged it again last night and it still has a red light and not a green one.

    Am I crazy?
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    I did the in-cradle-reset described in another post and it seems to be working. What could have caused this?

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    Calibration error. Over time your battery loses some of its capacity. The Treo expects a certain level to be reached which it can no longer attain and the cradle reset recalibrates. The Treo's battery type doesn't like getting close to 0 charge so avoid that whenever possible.
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    Thanks so much! I had never had it to get that low before and it was in my purse that day with the keyguard on. I have Mega clock that alarms but I don't know why the battery would have gotten used so much.

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    funny thing, those batteries. I have had my 650 for about 6 weeks and twice it has run down overnight with a solid 70%+ battery - and I could not/can not figure out why. Most of the time, I get up in the morning and it will have only lost 2-4%. I also have auto off/on everyday.

    Anyone else had a "mysterious" battery drain?
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    See this discussion on the CrashPro site

    "This automation will result in less stress when your PalmOS PDA crashes. And if your PDA crashed in the middle of the night the automatic reset prevents its batteries to drain, as it will not stay on all night, until you eventually press the Reset button in the morning.",en/

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