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    I know you say you have not heard of this, but again - may I state my problem. Whenever I get email from a person with someone else cc:'d and then I reply all...I ALWAYS get a copy of the email sent back to my address, as if Chatter sees my address as one that needs a copy - that was just frustrating and a waste of time and bandwidth...however, with my recent upgrade (beta 2.0b4) a new phenomenon is occuring -and it is more than a nuisance - now it tries to (in reply all) send me a copy of the email, but my email address is only partially completed , and the email FAILS every time....the part that is not completeing is to the right of the name@...thus I can see "canton@______________________" and the long blank is actually there - when I delete , you can see that there is a space and it acts like "invisible"!!

    Exchange Server 2003. Treo 650.
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    Are you using OWA for sending or SMTP? I don't know what you're seeing; maybe it would help for me to see a verbose log that includes receiving an email that you will "reply all" to, and then the subsequent "reply all". Logging instructions are in the FAQ at


    p.s. I can imagine that it's frustrating for you, but it's also frustrating for me to hear about problems that are only seen rarely, or by a single person. Without other information, it's not obvious what the problem is or how to deal with it.
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    OK...will try being verbose....and I am using SMTP not OWA.
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    DOne - you should have file

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