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    I am having 2 issues with my 650. First off my camera once in a while acts up and I get a green line of pixels in my pics or a full green video screen. Also, my talk button is a little sticky. Anyone else have these?
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    just 2?

    j/k sorry
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    Well as far as the first issue goes, I'm not too sure as I do not have this issue. I think I remember reading something about this, try searching the forum.

    The second issue is a little easier but it does require some patience. You are going to have to take to Treo apart in order to clean the casing where the keys come through and the keyboard itself. I actually just did this about 3 hours ago and my keyboard almost feels as good as new (I can feel a little wear, but that's normal after using it for over a year and a half!) If you search the forum for "removing treo 650 camera" you will find a thread with pictures of how to get started. Once inside it is almost self explanatory. Just remember to be patient and don't force anything apart without evaluating it first.

    I would post the links for you, but this is a full on throne post (oh wait, wrong thread!)

    Good Luck!

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