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    I bought a new unlocked Cingular branded Treo 650 off eBay this week and upgraded to newest ROM version (1.17 CNG). I am in T-mobile basic plan ($19.99/month) without any other services subscribed. When I inserted the SIM card, I found Prefs>Network has three options: T-mobile Internet, T-mobile VPN and T-zones. The first two cannot be connected and T-zones can connect flawlessly. I then setup the proxy in Blazer to, port 8080 as suggested in this forum. It's fine to browse internet and check Gmail in Versamail. I can also update weather info in Agendus Pro 10.02.

    I then setup internet access through bluetooth in my desktop. I can check email in Versamail, but cannot browse web in Blazer. I realized that I didn't change the proxy setup back. So I unchecked "use custom proxy", the browsing through BT was ok and of course it's much faster than Tzones. I turned off BT and reconnect T-zones, and I can still browse internet without the custom proxy setup! I didn't really feel any difference in the speed.

    I called T-mobile and was told accessing Tzones is free if no download of wallpaper, ringtones, games whatever, the time of connecting Tzones won't be counted into minutes in my plan.

    My questions: 1. I didn't subscribe Tzones (5.99/month). Will I be charged any fee if I access internet in the way talked above?
    2. When connect Bluetooth network the Tzones will also be automatically connected, but connecting Tzones has no effect on the bluetooth. Is this normal?
    Thanks for your reply!
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    T-mobile has switched hands over just a little over a year now. Things happend like your plan that you have now does not exist anymore and internet went way up and cs is going downhill.
    You really should be carefull!
    I was reading through a thread in (tmobile section) that they charged this user per a KB.
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    Tzones proxy trick is gone for good now?

    All i get is cannot connect to specified proxy. Anyone else have it working with another proxy setting?

    So my other question is what provider has the cheapest way to get internet on the Treo if i cant get Tzones working?

    I ask because i have grown accustomed to having internet access and i would like to have bluetooth dun for my laptop also.
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    The proxy trick is alive and kicking. We just set one up yesterday for my coworker here with his own HTTP proxy running from his home. You gotta run your proxy at one of the following ports: 110,25 (that's why your email is working), 143 or 993.
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    Do you have a how-to on setting up a proxy?

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