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    I've been trying to use versamail, but everytime I enter the settings for US-yahoo it changes it by itself to CH-yahoo and it refuses the connection. Is there something simpler I can use just to check my yahoo email account? I have the yahoo plus with pop and I am desperate. Thanks, D
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    Have you verfied your POP/SMTP settings? Ben
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    Do you have access to the internet via your Treo? If yes, you can access your Yahoo emails via your Blazer. Just go the Palm mobile portal and there's your Yahoo email via wap.
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    Why not give chatter a try?
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    If you want to pull your yahoo e-mail with versamail, you need the premium account which costs about $20 with yahoo. I pull my yahoo email with versamail. Go into Yahoo and check out the options for your account. Good luck!

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