Hey everybody,

I have been having a problem with my 650 for the last few months where it resets upon hotsync, fairly frequently. For the longest time I thought it was related to a corrupt calender database but when I did a ##377, I got this msg:

A reset was caused on 4/26/06 at 4:55pm while running "contacts":
DmWriteCheck failed

I have read about a few issues with resets and have already done the following:

1. This is my 3rd Treo in the last few months (unrelated issues) and all of them have done this, so I think I can isolate it being a hardware issue
2. I have dbScan and it has not found any corrupted records in any of my databases
3. Since I am on my 3rd recent Treo, I have hard reset as well as bulk loaded up all my files a few times during that process, and still get the resets.

The resets, while attributed to the contacts DB above, also seem to lose some calender data that was there before the sync that is now gone. It never comes back during a hotsync until I do a 'desktop overrides handheld' custom sync of my calender.