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    I just bought a Sprint Treo 650 and am loving it so far. No real problems except one: I cannot figure out how to sync it to my Entourage. Does anyone know a step by step way to make this work? Its the last thing I need to be a HUGE Treo supporter as so far it is doing everything else I need.

    Thank you!!
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    If you go to Applications - Microsft offfice - Additional tools - you will find the handhled sync installer. That should configure you to get going with Entourage and Treo

    Hope it helps
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    hi - I need help on this too. I've successfully synced my palm zire 21 to entourage 2004 for the last couple of years. now I've upgraded to a treo 650 and I can't get it to sync. I've installed the Entourage conduit numerous times now but it still doesn't show up in the Hot Sync Manager. what's going wrong here?

    i'm running mac os 10.3.9

    thanks in advance!


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