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    I just downloaded what seems to be the latest update of the palm desktop from 4.1.4e for the Treo 650.

    I was wondering if just going to was the way to get updates to their "palm desktop" or if there is a better source?

    Also is there something better then the plam desktop out there? Should I be thinking about using Outlook instead?

    And if I have Outlook 2003 at work with calander and appointments setup,
    is it possible to sync with outlook calendar AND palm desktop, so that I have both my appts and my work appts on the device?

    Or will syncing with the corporate Exchange server cause all my personal appointments to be uploaded to the work server? (BAD)

    I would like to just "gather" all the work appointments and add them into my calander....

    T650 - it will terminate itself!!
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    4.1.4.e is what comes on the Treo 650 CD so there really isn't an "upgrade" at least for the CNG and Verizon models.....with a 09-07-05 release date, methinks it woulda made the Sprint Version too.

    As for PD alternatives, our corporate security policy prohibits MSIE and Outlook usage.

    There's many alternatives....Act 2006 was just released. Organizer / Notes works with XTNDconnectPC and others.

    One way to get ya offcie's appointment's on everyone's calendar is

    A one way sync would be handy as I think desktop overwrites handheld will purge your personal appointments....woud be nice to have synch one way options. I have never experiemented tho as we don't use exchange server and the only uploads go to peeps own desktops.
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    Time & Chaos ( is superior to both the Palm desktop and Outlook as a contact manager,
    Mark Bergman

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